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, to nsa leaker edward snowden. the president also took time to bash republicans for threatening to shut the government down over obama care, a threat by the way that no leadership republican has actually ever made. and stock markets took it on the chin with their first down week since june. the dow was down 233 points overall for the week but consumer credit ratios are the best in 33 years. china is stabilizing. and even europe is looking up. and coming back home, why is it that hollywood celebrities continue to rampage against natural gas fracking. the evidence proves they are wrong. and they are costing blue collar jobs especially in new york and california and do we really need this socialist 101 movie that's coming out tonight? i guarantee you it bombs. all those stories and much more live coming up on "the kudlow report" beginning right now. >>> good evening everyone i'm larry kudlow. president obama held a news conference to announce new steps to prevent abuse of the nsa surveillance program. nbc news' own steve handelsman joins us now with all the details. good evening, steve. wh
post" shows the nsa surveillance program has illegally gathered information on americans more than 2,000 times. president obama's soothing words about this ringing hollow. the dow has wrapped up its worst week of the year what did you look for or what do you look for on monday and the rest of next week for your monday. we'll get some very specific checkpoints. bust first it was another day of deadly violence in egypt. let's go to cairo where richard engel is there for us tonight. >> reporter: bill, the muslim brotherhood had been calling for a dave rage and that's certainly what we saw today. it began with a protest of a few thousand people in ramsey square by the train station right in the center of cairo. but just after a couple of hours there was protests became riots, fires were lit. exchanges of gunfire between the protesters and the security forces. and then as the day progressed about 100 people were killed in this demonstration. but what i think is most disturbing while that death toll alone in a city of 18 million is disturbing enough is the way this country seems to be divi
to nsa leaker edward snowden. next month's summit in russia still go on? can the white house let this happen without any response? all those stories and much more coming up on the "kudlow report" beginning right now. >> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is the "kudlow report." first up tonight, very strong start for stocks this month. the dow and s&p closing at record highs. by the way, it's the first time the s&p has closed above 1,700 points. with yesterday's dovish fed statement, you got solid earnings this quarter and some positive economic data with today's jobless claims. are we in the perfect climate for stocks? we never are but we have to ask our distinguished experts. first up, dennis gartman and we have ed bartowski. i want to go to my pal dennis gartman. you know better than i do, there's never a perfect scenario. when you think everything is perfect, it's not perfect. i wanted to ask you as you see the world, where's the fly in this ointment going to come from? >> well, i guess, larry, the fly in the ointment, though i'm not convinced there is one is rate
at the latest story about how the dea is providing information to the nsa interc t intercepts and are being told to lie to federal judges about it. you cannot have law enforcement functioning where they are told it's okay to lie to a federal judge about how a case got started. this has got to stop. >> so what should be done instead? >> the number one rule has to be when you're looking at a federal judge, you tell the truth. if you can't follow rule number one, nothing else matters. >> why isn't that so obvious? joe? >> it's not so obvious because we've come a long way over the last 30 years where law enforcement has obtained huge amount of power to investigate and responsibility has not been commensurate with it. >> this is a much bigger story than whitey bulger. guys we're going to have to you back, there is a great discussion. there's a lot more there. joe, mitch, great to you have on. now it's the video of the day. this is a florida resort getting swallowed by a sinkhole. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren
peter king and other people from the intelligence community and the nsa and so forth, people are saying this is the most chatter that we've picked up since 9/1,1 actually since before 9/11. what does that mean? >> i think there are three points that need to be. one, clearly the presidential campaign of barack obama was false in saying that al qaeda was degraded two, the speech in may declaring the war on terror over was wrong. three, after benghazi, they don't want to keep the same mistake to keep americans in harm's way. four, as wes indicated, we've got good intelligence, but this is a tough, difficult business of engaging in this war on terror. the administration is taking the right kind of precautions. but we have to hold our breath and we have show we're not disengaged and that is a pattern that has to change with the u.s. government over the last couple years. >> peter brooks, is the government of pakistan or at least the secret service of pakistan giving al zawahiri all kinds of comfort and help and you think they're giving him resources for his campaign against the united states
and the beginning issue here is about the nsa data and that is when senator paul went ballistic and chris christie went ballistic back. so after iraq, after afghanistan, after, after, after. we've got syria, we have iran and egypt right now. does a senator rand paul who is more from the libertarian isolationist wing, does he make a little bit more hay on this than say a john mccain or chris christie wants him to? >> clearly, rand paul and chris christie are both very talented public servients. these are both men who can provide leadership on these issues and this is the kind of debate that i am confident to have in the hands of people like this. we really do want -- you don't want to answer the question. >> they're the kind of guys -- >> i want to see if they both come and campaign for you. after that non-answer you should have christie and you should have senator paul campaign with you. keith boynkin, who will win this battle? >> not the nan hayworth battle, but the battle with the party. >> i think right now the libertarians and they're wing. chris christie is not even a part of that. you have p
to president putin, that's the past. and we've got to think about the future. >> criticism of the nsa, meanwhile, the peak with snowden in russia has subsided a bit with the revelation that the u.s. government intercepted top al qaeda leaders talking about a plan or at least their hope for some kind of a terrorist attack probably this week, probably in yemen. at camp pendleton today, the marine base in california, president obama told marines, we, meaning americans, don't get terrorized. >> i want to take special time out to salute all our brave diplomats and tireless intelligence and military personnel. >> quick update on what's going on out there. yemen claim it is broke up a plot that says it would have had al qaeda take over one or more of the petroleum and fishing ports manned by foreigners. if it's true, it would have been a scary attack. president obama has stepped up drone attacks in yemen to try to keep al qaeda off balance. larry, they would have discussed this had there been a summit next month between president obama and putin. but it's put off. some lawmakers like you her
about benghazi and the irs and the nsa, and they've suspended the debt ceiling in february and they learned their lesson and they'll stop yapping about legitimate rate and shutting down the government and all of that stuff and they'll guide into a classic midterm election where they'll make gains in the senate and gains in the house and then they'll go into a classic presidential election in 2016 when history teaches us that pretty much, every two terms the white house changes party. it is the gop's term and it is president christie's turn. all they have to do is shut up for the next three years and that is their policy. they know that. that's not bullish this year, that is so bullish for 2016. >> okay. 2016. >> but jim muriel, i'll just say this. we'll have a more detailed discussion of obama care and the republicans' fiscal policy later in the show, but i'll say this. no shutdown means you will have an orderly situation come this fall. that's got to be good. >> boehner and cantor will not want to fiddle with the debt ceiling and that's got to be good. you know what else,
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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